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January 2007

10 Uses for Wood Ashes

Get fired up about putting that pile of soot to work with our list of things to do with ashes

A Kitchen For Two

How to design a kitchen that can comfortably accommodate two cooks

Birdhouses and Feeders

The proper design and placement of birdhouses and feeders makes your yard a safe haven for purple...

Christmas Tree Tips

How to find a healthy evergreen, cart it home, get it into the stand, and decorate it—and your...

Eat-in Kitchens

Chock full of convenience and charm, these spaces will have you longing for dinnertime

Green-Home Resolutions

Giving up carbs and quitting smoking are hard. Saving money, conserving energy, and making the...

Kitchen Islands

This versatile kitchen element can give your space added style and functionality

Level vs. Plumb Bob

In a This Old House episode the door jambs were set with a plumb bob. Why was this tool was used...

Notching a Joist

Q: I'm remodeling a bathroom and would like to relocate the existing tub drain. But to do that I...

Raising the Bar

One couple revives a former barroom into a modern entertainment space, complete with romantic...

She Saws, He Sautes

My wife fixes up the house. I fix dinner. Who knew that owning a home would bring out her inner...

Steeped in Character

Retired barrels built to age wine, cure olives, or pickle cucumbers yield high-grade wood for new...

The Bonus Bath

Our pro crew offers advice on how to add another wash-up-and-shower space—without adding on

Too Much Dust

Why is my mom's house so dusty even when her air filters are clean?

Towel Warmers

These chill chasers will toast your terry and give you a better-looking bath