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October 2006


A perp sheet on the culprit in a nationwide epidemic, plus prevention and extermination options...

Building Character

Whether its crown, casing, or simply the most basic trim, wood molding adds style to any room—and...

Forever Green

5 traditional building products boast eco-friendly qualities

Green Products

These products get our thumbs-up for being both easy on the earth—and on the eye

Haunted Houses

Supernatural advice on home renovation, from homeowners with centuries of experience

Herb Gardens

Herbs not only boost your cooking and health; they green up your windowsill as winter approaches....

Homes of the Dead

If you were off to your final resting place, wouldn't you want it to be in one of these grand...

Outdoor Lanterns

The most popular lamps for lighting the American yard are electrified versions of the candle, gas...

Side by Side

A master bath divided into his-and-hers spaces accommodates both husband and wife

Space Invaders

How to prevent nonnative plants from running amok in your yard

Stylish Hinges

Swap in these hinges to give old or modern cabinets a brand-new look.

Taking Care of Tools

Rust busting, repairing cracked handles and praise for the Yankee screwdriver

The Austin House

The renovation of a 1926 Craftsman Bungalow follows an eco-friendly path while adding space for a...

The Cleaner Cleanup

Asbestos, lead, and mold: How to responsibly rid your house of three major health and...

The Sum of Its Parts

A 165-year-old house reclaims its architectural integrity after decades of additions.

The Three-Season Porch

How to cut costs on a new breezy retreat: Build it from screen doors with panels that swap out...

Work Lights

In the dark on a project? These work lights provide illumination.