This Old House Archives

September 2006

A Light Touch

Rethinking a bad 70's remodel creates plenty of bright, open space.

A Man With a Plan

An architect uncramps a small kitchen to create a multiactivity space for family and friends

A Perfect Addition

The secret to enlarging a 100-year-old house? Woodwork details that blend the present with the past

Amazing Grace

Convert a church into a livable house? Norm and...

Chip off the Old Block

The house is new, but you'd never know it. How one couple built a home in tune with their...


These diminutive structures sit atop a roof ridge and bring light and air into a dark attic space...

Fit for the Family

It took this couple years to come up with a sophisticated, colorful kitchen that can handle a crowd


The triangle formed by two sloping roof planes is a defining characteristic for a house. Take a...

Great Adaptations

We asked which This Old House stories have inspired you, and you answered with heartfelt letters...

Into the Wood

A superbly crafted kitchen mixes furniture and cabinetry in an open layout that cooks as good as...

Lantern Buying Guide

The lantern—the part of the light that sits on top of the post—dictates the style of...

Mining The Past

How two 19th-century coal sheds, a treasure trove of salvaged materials, and one preservation...

October 2006

Brighten up your home by adding color and cutting the clutter

Porch Rail Revival

How to use salvaged balustrades to spruce up the exterior of an old house

Saws All

A new circular saw slices steel, aluminum, PVC, and wood, all with the same blade


How dedicated homeowners, a preservationist, and a talented local carpenter rebuilt a treasured...

Victorian-Era Porches

The American front porch had its heyday in the late 19th century, when boxy houses gave way to...


Perched atop houses and barns, these wind indicators have been in use in America since Colonial...

Worm Bins

Get step-by-step directions on how to build this gardening asset