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February 2004

Creating a Landscape Plan

Here's how we laid out a garden for a home in the backyard of another home. Talk about a challenge

Drilling Into Plastic

Q: "I need to drill a 2-inch-diameter hole through a sheet of ¾-inch Lexan. How do I do it?"

Essential Guide to Tools

Confused about what you need to get started, or to move up? This Old House picks the tools you...

Finish for Ipe Wood

I'm planning to build a deck using ipe for the decking. What finish should I use?

Fusebox Forensics

Q: At odd times the electricity goes off in just one part of our house. We've learned that if we...

March 2004

From new countertops to a fresh coat of paint, easy updates will save you time and money

Miter Saws

Choosing and using an indispensable precision cutter.

Simple Kitchen Makeovers

You don't have to start over to give your kitchen a face-lift. Here's a rundown of options for...

Unsafe Steps

Risers can vary a little, but these are dangerously mismatched