This Old House Archives

July 2003

AC Cool-Off

Q: "Should I shade the compressor of my central air-conditioning system?"

Garage Door Tune-up

A few minutes spent re-aligning the locking bars will get your garage door back into smooth...

Garden Watering Tips

When the skies are cloudless and the days are hot and long, you can help your lawn and garden...

Harvesting Seed

Help your favorite flowers propagate by collecting and sowing their seeds by hand

Invasive Tree Roots

Q: I have a major problem with tree roots getting into my sewer line; what should I do?

Removing Grout

You don't need a special tool to remove old grout, but you do need the determination to do it right.

Removing Old Toilet Seats

If your toilet seat was installed with metal bolts, you'll probably need some help wrestling it...

Removing Trim

Removing baseboards, chair rails, or window or door casing requires little more than a hammer and...

Renovation, Square One

Q: "Where is the best place to begin a large-scale renovation on a c. 1690 New England colonial?"

Replacing Window Panes

If you must replace a window with the sash in position, use this technique to prevent injury

Screening Paint

Strain impurities out of your paint before you pick up a brush or roller

September 2003

From the painting projects you have at your home to the dramatic details of someone else's, here...

Sliding-Door Tune-up

With our sliding door maintenance tips, you'll go from sticky to smooth in a few easy steps

Stay-Fresh Paint Roller

Save yourself some rinsing work, and keep your roller ready to go, with this simple trick.

The Concord Cottage

This Old House takes on adaptive reuse, as we convert a century-old barn, complete with horse...

Using a Hole Saw

Give your wrist and your drill a break when cutting a large hole.

Using a Tourniquet Clamp

Also called a web clamp, the tournequet clamp is ideal for repairing wobbly tables, chairs, and...

Ventilating a Workspace

You need good ventilation when you generate fumes indoors — and that means a lot more than just...