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June 2003

Beef Up Your Insurance

If you haven't checked your homeowner's policy in a while, you may be in for some nasty surprises

Door Latch Repair

If you have to slam a door to get it to stay closed, you probably have a very fixable problem...

July / August 2003

Our annual exploration into what's going on in kitchen and bathroom design

Protecting Grout

An annual sealing goes a long way toward preventing stains and discoloration.

Rain Makers

Choosing and using lawn and garden sprinklers

Scrambled Roof

Q: Not long after we moved into our home, some wise guy threw eggs at our asphalt shingle roof. I...

Splicing Molding

A single length of molding spanning a wall is best, but when you have to use a second piece, use...

Ventilating a Workspace

You need good ventilation when you generate fumes indoors — and that means a lot more than just...