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April 2003

Flaky Bluestone

Q: "Our bluestone walkway is cracking. Is there a better stone we should have used?"

May 1999

The latest in kitchen and bath includes ideas for smaller great rooms that use less space to the...

May 2003

What to consider when creating luxurious outdoor rooms, impressive pathways, and grown—up getaways

Mouse Hunt

Getting rid of little rodents and their not-so-little smell

On the Bench

It's not a bad place to be at all, when the seats are as lovely as these. Which garden bench is...

Spring Yard Work

Start annual landscape cleanup and prepare for the growing season

Stop the Shock

Pressure-balancing valves prevent sudden temperature swings

Up Under the Roof

Q: We have a major leakage problem and are getting a new roof. What is the best underlayment to...