This Old House Archives

February 2002

A Cellar in the Basement

A little imagination and a lot of work turn a forgotten store room into a cool, dark cellar where...

A Good Foundation

Some houses age like fine wine. Others turn to vinegar. Renovating this 1950s building meant...

A New Boiler

How to correctly install a water-pressure reducer

A Refined Palette

Andrea Gilmore, our historic paint specialist, finds a subtle Victorian paint scheme for the...

A Soapstone Saga

Brazilian soapstone becomes kitchen countertops in Milton, thanks to a company in Vermont.

A Solid Frame

Tom Silva explains how good building practices not only make your house's structure sound but...

A Virtual Dream

A 3D preview of the workshop provides a virtual reality sneak-peek.

A Well Lighted Place

Lighting designer Sean O'Connor shared his unusual lighting solutions for the San Francisco House.

Absolute Power

Blackouts, storms, and jitters have a growing number of homeowners purchasing standby generators

Adding Up

A second story with cedar shingles endows a 1950s ranch with old Yankee spirit.

An Inside Job

Interior design experts help the Silvas tackle the daunting "blank sheet" challenge of replacing...

Appliance Soup

New ways to deal with the age-old chore of making yard debris vanish.

Beautified Bungalow

Bungalow-style expert Paul Duchscherer helps Jan Winford enhance her house's Arts-and-Crafts charm.

Bow Vent

A piping technique for difficult locations

Building a Safe Deck

A deck can handle even the rowdiest gang of fraternity brothers as long as the beam that carries...

Burned Lawn

How to repair burn marks caused by fertilizer

Caulking a Tub

A few minutes are well spent maintaining a watertight seal

Choosing Sides

A new generation of fiber-cement shingles and siding is changing our idea of home.

Collection Agents

Recycling is part of life for many homeowners. Here's a rundown of products and ideas that make...

Cooking up a Kitchen

Chefs Julia Child and Marian Morash and Milton kitchen designer Phil Mossgraber share their...

Counter Points

Everything you need to know to decide on your next countertop.

Creating Half-Lap Joints

Mill your own quickly and easily using nothing more than a portable circular saw and a chisel

Creating Illusions

Make a flat surface in your yard appear to be something that it's not.

Curtain Call

Install blocking around window frames during construction, and thank yourself later when you want...

December 2000

Learn the secrets of a perfect paint job, patching damaged wood trim, and fixing those old windows

Down the Hatch

A laundry chute is the next best thing to a bottomless hamper.

Drafty Windows

What to do when the wind comes sweeping down the pane

Dream Landscape

Landscape designer Stephanie Hubbard drafts a master plan for the Silvas' yard.

Escaping a Fire

To keep your family safe in case of fire, follow these tips.

Face Value

Dressing up the Billerica House foundation in veneer brick, mason Lenny Belliveau proves that...

Finishing School

Classes in home repair offer more than great ways to save on contractor bills — they give...

Fire in the Pit

A massive, gas powered monument to the joy of cooking outdoors means never having to wait for...

Firesafe Holiday Lights

Electric holiday lights and displays sparkle and wow, but they're also potentially dangerous

Fixing a Squeaky Floor

Squeaky floors driving you crazy? These easy, surefire fixes will quiet noisy hardwood and...


Custom-milled quartersawn oak and southern yellow pine give the Billerica floors a classic...

Gauging Gutters

Gutters bring roof runoff down to earth. Here's the (long and) skinny on what to look for.

General Construction

General contractor Steve Crawford tells why finding the right contractor for your renovation can...

Gone to (hydro) Seed

Lawn man Robert Sparkes gives you the low down on the newest way to grow grass.

Great Slate

One of the Billerica project's winners is a synthetic slate roof shingle. It looks real but is...

Hammer Time

How to choose the best model for the job at hand

Home Show

In Billerica, media systems expert Mitch Klein explores electronics package possibilities.

Keeping Doors Dry

Keep your new (or fresh-cut) doors from expanding in humid weather

Lighten Up

The right lighting can make your home a more welcoming, comfortable place.

March 2001

Been thinking about that outdoor renovation to your garden, lawn or patio? Break it down into...

March 2002

Elegance can be exciting with carefully considered details

Master Pieces

When the demolition starts, the crew from This Old House always saves the good stuff to use later

Moisture Meter

Water on the basement walls? Tracking it to the source is your first step.

Mushroom Problem

The roots of a long-gone tree can continue to nourish the fungus

November 2000

With the right vision, a humble house can be transformed into the dwelling of your dreams

Old Sinks for New

Master plumber Jeff Deehan plied the tools of his trade to install classic jazz-age lavatories...

On the Carpet

A store-to-floor guide for adding or replacing this versatile floor covering

One Hot Fireplace

Rumford expert Jim Buckley explains how to build a better fireplace using 18th century engineering.

Opening Act

How to replace a window with a classic French door

PEX Piping

What's the skinny on this flexible supply tubing?

Paintbrush Saver

Properly caring for your brushes will help them last for years

Plant Markers That Last

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these plant markers from doing their duty.

Refinishing School

Bringing a dull, worn-out floor finish back to life is easier than you think

Replacing Your Dishwasher

Dishwasher on its last legs? When you buy a new one, pocket the installation fee by doing the job...

Revealing its True Colors

Paint expert Andrea Gilmore helps This Old House pick historically accurate colors for the Milton...

Salvaging Old Trim

If you're planning to reuse that molding, use this trick to remove the old nails neatly

Saving Old Windows

Old-growth wood found in some of our oldest homes stands up to time and the elements.

September 2000

Arm yourself with information about how to do it yourself or hire the best person to do it for you

Simple Stud Finder

If you don't have an electronic stud finder, you can locate studs behind drywall with nothing...

Smoky Fireplaces

Two fireplaces sharing one chimney is a formula for smoke — and danger

Spoiled Soil

Dr. Geoffrey Brown determines the extent of the soil contamination around the Billerica house and...

Strip-Sanding Spindles

You can't use a power sander on a slender leg or baluster — here's a way to strip those delicate...

The Benefits of Blinds

The right blinds, shades or shutters will provide privacy, control light and spiff up a room.

The Billerica House

Close to home, This Old House tackled a project close to its heart: rebuilding Dick and Sandra...

The Bug Patrol

Learn how to keep termites away from your home and what to do if they've already arrived.

The Facts On Faucets

How to tell well-made sink, tub and shower fittings from the polished pretenders.

The Instant Extra Bedroom

Carve out a new room with a wall that goes up in hours, costs little more than $200 and — when...

The Lady Vanishes

Standing outside homeowners Christian Nolen and Susan Denny's newly purchased home in Watertown,...

The Manchester House

On New England's north shore, This Old House gives grand rebirth to a once-stately, uniquely...

The Media Room

State-of-the-art sights and sounds are right at home in Milton.

The Milton House

With the help of Julia Child, Marian Morash, Ethan Allen and Laura Ashley, to name a few, This...

The Napa Valley House

The renovation of Dennis Duffy's 1906 Victorian farmhouse in the vineyards of northern California...

The New Orleans House

This Old House converted a circa 1895 "shotgun double" into a one-family house, renovating the...

The Newton House

A conversion of 1886 Bigelow Homestead, designed by noted American architect H. H. Richardson,...

The Newton Victorian

This Old House constructed a freestanding addition to a Victorian cottage in Newton, Massachusetts.

The Phoenix House

The crew headed to the Southwest to remodel a faux-adobe home in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Reading House

The guys took on the renovation of a Cape-style home in Reading, Massachusetts, adding a finished...

The Reading Ranch

This Old House gave a ranch house in Reading, Massachusetts, a second story.

The Salem House

A neglected circa 1784 Federal rejoined the ranks of other historic homes in Salem, Massachusetts.

The San Francisco House

This Old House converted a 1906 Arts and Crafts-style church into a single family home for Laurie...

The Santa Barbara House

The guys headed west for the winter to raise the roof on Jan Winford's 1907 Craftsman-style...

The Santa Fe House

In the desert of the Southwest, This Old House updated a 1930s adobe home with a library addition.

The Savannah House

This Old House helped the Flemings preserve their Georgia peach — a 1884 Italianate Victorian...

The Tampa House

For the first time, This Old House traveled outside Massachusetts to focus on the renovation of a...

The Tucson House

Plans for this 1930s Pueblo Revival stucco home included expanding the kitchen and patio areas...

The Watertown House

The show kicked off its 20th anniversary with the renovation of a sprawling 1886 Queen Anne-style...

The Wayland House

The historical renovation of "Kirkside," an 1815 Colonial Revival-style home, included new septic...

The Westwood House

The crew renovated and restored of the 1785 Weatherbee farm in Westwood, Massachusetts, adding a...

The Woburn House

The This Old House crew renovated a 1950s ranch-style tract home in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Tile Time

Consultant Gene Walsh helps the team find the right tile for a Colonial equipped for the 21st...

Trimming Paneling

Create a snug fit where paneling abuts stone walls or other irregular surfaces

Vinyl Siding

How to pick quality vinyl siding and the contractor who installs it.

Why Is My Paint Peeling?

Bad paint jobs can happen to good people with old houses — even when they listen faithfully to...

Working the Bugs Out

Here's a safe and effective system to control the plant-eating pests in your yard.

Yard Work

Landscape designer Stephanie Hubbard picks the proper plants for ...