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Idea House Build: The House Gets a Rose and a Test | Cottage on the Cape (E4)

Chris lends a hand to Russ, who is installing a compass rose design among the shingles above the garage. Then, a blower door test gauges how tight the home is. Hoping to improve their results, Chris searches for any leaks in the envelope.

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In This Episode:

There’s been a lot of progress at the house since Chris’s last visit. He meets Russ, a Cape Associates contractor who is installing a compass rose design above the garage door. The installation process is more like a puzzle, and Chris helps him complete the process.

Inside, a blower door test is being run to assess the tightness of the house. With an extremely efficient home in mind, the team is hoping to come in below the code requirement. As the test is run, they are able to find and seal any evident leaks. With better test results the second time around, the house is well on its way to becoming an extremely tight building envelope.


Cape Associates


About the Idea House Build Series:

Join This Old House Pro2Pro Editor Chris Ermides as we chronicle the build of the 2020 Idea Houses in two new video series, Idea House Build: Cottage on the Cape and Idea House Build: Farmhouse in Fairfield County. Follow along as we document everything from breaking ground to the home transformation journey, as well as inspire and educate about the latest products and trends in the industry.