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Home Inspection Nightmares | Twisted Chimney

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and HVAC expert Richard Trethewey, and mason Mark McCullough share more home inspection nightmares


  1. Richard has a submission from Danny in Florida. For starters, Richard isn’t a fan of this corrugated drain pipe, but it’s not technically “wrong.” But when the drain line started to leak, Richard thought this solution of using a latex glove was novel.
  2. Mark shares a submission from Nancy in Indiana. Her chimney in her 1920s Craftsman takes a turn when it gets to the attic. Not only did she find this crooked chimney, but several beer cans on the floor, which she thinks may explain it!
  3. Tom has another one that he found that he also thinks Mark will appreciate. It’s from Tim in Ohio: this is a neighboring apartment building near him. It looks like the tenants here haven’t been watching Mark’s segments about how to properly repoint brickwork. Instead, they tried to use spray foam to patch up some holes.

Expert assistance with this segment was provided by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).