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Magic Bulbs

A flower bulb is a wondrous thing, a self-contained world that holds all the nutrients it needs for its first year of growth. But too long on store shelves, and it may dry out, and a forcing vase can grow mold

This premium Dutch-grown amaryllis bulb stands apart, with multiple coats of wax that seal in its moisture and energy reserves. Set it out indoors in bright indirect light, and in 4 to 6 weeks, maroon-tinged pale green blooms appear.

Easy Care Colorful Waxed Magic Green Amaryllis, $37; Gardener’s Supply Company

Shown: No pot, no soil, no water needed—just warmth and light. A wire coil at the base keeps it upright.

Thanks to: Brooke Sperling Johnson, divisional merchandise manager, Gardener’s Supply Company