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S16 E25: Drafty Door, Clean Paintbrushes

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In this episode:

Tom uses multiple techniques to make a drafty door weathertight; Mauro demonstrates the most effective way to clean a paintbrush; Roger and Jenn test out a variety of battery-operated lawn tools.

How to Tightly Fit an Antique Door

Tom uses multiple techniques to make an antique, drafty door weathertight.

Where to find it?

To fix the door, Tom addressed multiple issues: the door was out of plumb, it was too short, and it was drafty.

To make the door plumb, Tom used a plumb bob, a chalk line, a chisel, and a shoulder plane. These can be found at home centers. It’s also possible to use power tools to shave back the jamb, but hand tools will be required at the top and bottom of the door where those tools wouldn’t fit.

The tools Tom used to lengthen the door, including the wood, clamps, wood glue, and hammer, can be found at home centers.

Tom also improved the weather stripping to make the door more weathertight. The automatic door bottom, the corner-groove weather stripping, and the corner-grooving tool and associated bits are all manufactured by Conservation Technology.

How to Clean Paintbrushes Like a Pro

Mauro demonstrates the most effective way to clean a paintbrush.

Where to find it?

Mauro suggests that the best way to clean a paintbrush is to be as gentle as possible. He recommends using warm water, a little bit of soap, and your fingers to try to clean the paintbrush.

If that does not work, a scrub pad can be used to gently brush off residue. Mauro used Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scouring Pads, manufactured by 3M. These can be found at home centers, department stores, and grocery stores.

Testing Battery Powered Yard Tools

Roger and Jenn test out a variety of battery-operated yard tools.

Where to find it?

Roger and Jenn determined that battery-powered tools work well for small- to medium-sized yards. While these tools were effective compared to gas tools, one setback they noticed is that batteries are not interchangeable across different brands of tools, and most companies do not make full lines of battery-powered yard tools. This means that multiple batteries are required in order to make the full switch from gas to battery.

Roger and Jenn saw a variety of tools manufactured by Husqvarna, Oregon, and Greenworks.

The battery-powered, ride-on lawnmower is manufactured by Ryobi.

Original Air Date: May 24, 2018 Season 16; Ep.25 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Battery-powered ride-on lawnmower
Manufacturer: Ryobi

Battery-powered yard tool examples
Manufacturer: Greenworks Manufacturer: Husqvarna Manufacturer: Oregon

Scrub pad to clean residue off paintbrushes
Manufacturer: 3M

Weather stripping and tools to fit an antique door
Manufacturer: Conservation Technology