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6 Fast Home Updates for April

Keep your home in working order this spring with these quick tasks

Keep Windows Working

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In honor of National Window Safety Week (April 5–11), inspect your home's windows to ensure none are painted or nailed shut.

Mix up How You Mow

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Changing direction each time you cut the lawn will help grass blades grow upright, not tilted in the direction you mow.

Pull Weeds After It Rains

Photo by Nicolas McComber/Getty Images

The softer soil makes it easier to remove the entire root.

Get the AC Ready to Work

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Give the system a whirl now so that you'll have plenty of time to schedule a service call, if needed, before the pros get booked up.

Place Sprinklers Strategically

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Make sure you're watering your yard, and not your driveway, house, or sidewalk; you'll save water and avoid rotted siding.

Open Seldom-Used Taps

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If guest baths haven't seen company in a month or longer, run faucets and flush toilets to keep traps from drying out and causing unpleasant odors.