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5 Simple DIY Patriotic Wreaths

Get ready for Independence Day with these easy-to-craft door decorations

Patriotic Spirit

What better place to display your patriotic spirit than on your front door? If you want some DIY decor that screams, "America the Beautiful," you're in the right place. Any one of these wreaths will show your neighbors that you're ready and excited to celebrate July Fourth in style!"

Decorative Ruffles

To make this ruffled door decoration, you'll need felt, scissors, straight pins, a rounded foam ring, craft wire, and cardstock. First, cut up the felt and poke it into the wreath using the pins. For the stars, cut cardstock and attach it on the blue section using craft wire.

For details, visit Sky's blog, Capital B.

Pool Noodle Project

All this round wreath takes is a pool noodle, yarn, felt stars, and some duct tape. Tape the pool noodle ends together, then wrap the wreath in red, white, and blue yarn, as shown in the photo. Finish by attaching some felt stars, and—voila!—you've made your very own patriotic wreath in less than 3 hours and for less than $13!

For details, visit Tracy's blog, Made from Pinterest.

Patriotic Clothespins

To achieve this cool clothespin look, pick up some acrylic paint and brushes, clothespins, star stickers, and a 10-inch embroidery hoop. Paint the clothespins and attach them to the hoop in this patriotic pattern, adding stars on the blue ones. Add a red ribbon to give it a little something extra!

For details, visit All You.

Straws and Stripes

Adorn straws with stars to make this wreath! You'll need a box of paper straws, a craft ring, blue koming paper (and some practice paper), scissors, a hot-glue gun, and pipe cleaners. Trim the straws to your desired length and glue them to the craft ring. Cut out stars and fold each point to the center. Next, hot-glue one end of a pipe cleaner to the back, and wrap the other end around the straws where you want to place the star. Joanna recommends that you "practice folding the stars with other paper first," because the paper stars show all the creases. For details, visit Joanna's blog, The Project Corner.

Bananas for Bandanas

This beautiful bandana wreath requires only three supplies: scissors, a wreath form, and red, white, and blue bandanas. First, cut the bandanas into strips and tie them around the wreath in rotating order. Jen loves this because, "it is such an easy project that you can make with only a few supplies—and you can use different bandana colors to celebrate any holiday or occasion." For details, visit Jen's blog, Girl in the Garage.

Flower Fluff

This wreath is a bit deceiving: The fluff is actually faux flowers! All you need to make it are red, white, and blue carnations, a hot-glue gun, a wreath form, and some paper. Begin by removing the flower tops from the stems and attaching them to the wreath in the desired pattern with the glue gun. Decorate the blue section with some paper stars, and it is complete. For details, visit BLJ Graves Studio.