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6 Fast Late-Summer Fixes

Easy ways to improve your home as summer comes to a close

Shop Late-Season Plant Sales

Photo by Johner Images/Getty Images

Raid nurseries for late-summer deals to fill in any holes in beds and borders.

Stay Safe in Storms

Photo by Oleksiy Maksymenko/Getty Images

Trim branches hanging over your roof or near windows to help avoid costly storm damage.

Help Out Your Freezer

Photo by Roderick Chen/Getty Images

A fuller freezer will keep food cold longer in case of a power outage. Fill any gaps with a couple of bags of ice or a milk jug filled with water.

Perk Up Pillows

Photo by Leanna Rathkelly/Getty Images

Set out cushions in direct sun for a few hours, flipping halfway through, to help them plump up by evaporating interior moisture—it'll kill allergy-causing dust mites, too.

Check Fences

Photo by Perry Mastrovito/Design Pics/Getty Images

Inspect for loose posts and rotting wood; repair as needed. Cut back encroaching greenery, which can speed wood decay.

Keep AC Drain Lines Clear

Photo by PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier/Getty Images

Prevent algae buildup by pouring ¼ cup of bleach down the access pipe. After 30 minutes, flush with a gallon of water.