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What to Bring on a Salvage Shopping Trip

Pack these 17 items for your next shopping adventure

Photo by Kristine Larsen

Whether you're scouring a salvage yard or braving crowds and weather at an open-air flea market, bring along these essentials.

1. Rain boots Fairgrounds and salvage yards can be mud pits.

2. Water bottle Keeps you hydrated while rummaging for vintage finds.

3. Sunglasses Cut glare when shopping during peak sun hours.

4. Hammer To tap in popped nails and tighten loose joints before transport.

5. Tape measure For checking fit before you buy.

6. Hat Shades your face from the sun.

7. Raincoat A packable jacket will keep you dry without weighing you down.

8. Wipes For washing up, and revealing maker's marks.

9. Sunscreen Wander around a flea market without SPF, and you will get burned.

10. Multitool For screwing, pulling, prying, and sawing stuff.

11. Smartphone To take and e-mail photos, arrange deliveries, and compare prices online.

12. Hand sanitizer There's no telling where this stuff's been.

13. Pad and pencil For jotting down item numbers and measurements.

14. Mini pry bar To pull rusty nails so you don't get stuck.

15. Flashlight Brightens dark corners and puts details into focus.

16. Magnet Tells you the difference between brass (it won't stick) and plated metal.

17. Work gloves To protect hands from sharp metal edges and splintered wood.