create a Colorful Holiday Hearth

Create a Colorful Holiday Hearth

Cozy up a fireside seating area with seasonal trimmings and vintage-look accents from our shop

illustration of holiday horror in kitchen

How to Avoid Holiday Horrors

Here's how to save your house from devolving into a disaster during the holidays

example of a completed tiered serving tray from DIY Gift Guide How to Make a Tiered Serving Tray

How to Build a Tiered Serving Tray

Nobody needs to know you didn't sweat over a lathe to make this graceful oak server


14 Ways to Prevent Holiday Season Break-Ins

Quick home security upgrades that could save you and your family from burglaries, robberies, and home invasions during criminals' favorite time of year

Christmas tree in a living room

Editor's Picks: Our Favorite Holiday Decorating Ideas

If you haven't already decked the halls in your own home, start be getting inspired by the best ideas from the pages of This Old House magazine

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