pro style range with red knobs

All About Pro-Style Ranges

You don't need to be an Iron Chef to fall for the allure of a pro-style cooker. Pick the right one for your space, cooking style, and budget

Plans and Plants for Rain Gardens

Using Rain Gardens to Keep Waterways Pollution-Free

How seven gorgeous gardens were designed to filter and divert rain runoff and protect the surrounding environment

demonstrating how to paint edges with a brush

How to Cut in Paint Edges with a Brush

Painting contractor Mark O'Lalor shares some time-saving painting tips

kitchen and bath problem solvers

Kitchen and Bath Problem-Solvers and Cool Finds

Inventive new products offer easy ways to upgrade the kitchen and bath. Here are 28 that caught our eye

collection of license plates hung on wall

How to Hang a Collection

Arrange your favorite things in the gallery-style look with this simple how-to

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    ladder tarps and paint can in interior room in the late stages of being painted
    All About Interior Paint
    The experts at This Old House help you navigate the paint aisle like a pro so that you can choose the perfect finish for your rooms

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