a basement living area

Read This Before You Finish Your Basement

Even if it's currently cold concrete and crammed with boxes of off-season duds, the lowest floor of your home probably has loads of potential

pin up woman on ladder, bad stock photo guide to diy

If DIY Were Really Like Stock Ad Photos

Images created by photographers to sell to advertisers and publishers are often nothing like reality—especially when they show people working on their homes and using tools

Roger Cook and Kevin O'Connor split wood for firewood

How to Split Logs for Firewood

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shares tools and techniques for quickly, safely splitting firewood


Color Charms a Georgia Cabin's Rustic Revival

Jeep red, cowboy-boot yellow, and a green borrowed from the surrounding pine forest are just a few of the hues this serial renovator used to put her personal, painterly stamp on a 1910 cabin

hand x-ray with a nail

Don't Get Nailed: A Guide to Avoiding Nail-Gun Injuries

Wherein we, um, hammer home safety tips for one common power tool

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