winning entry in this old house reader remodel's Best Kitchen Before and Afters 2014

Best Kitchen Before and Afters 2014

Warm, inviting cook space makeovers—straight from the heart of your homes

set of French doors with a decorative stenciled border

How to Stencil a Border

Dress up a doorway—or any room feature—with a pattern of your own design

exterior of TOH TV project Charleston House 2014

Sneak Peek: The 35th Season of TOH, in Charlestown, Massachusetts

This Old House television starts its 35th anniversary season by renovating an 1850 Greek Revival rowhouse in a historic Boston neighborhood

moxie awards from the search for america's best remodel 2014

The Moxie Awards: The Search for America's Best Remodel 2014

Hats off to you superheroes of the home. Whether saving a historic plantation from fauna gone wild or making a Christmas miracle with power tools, these honorees proved their mettle

overflowing wallet

Fat Wallet Awards: You Sweat The Small…Change

Congratulations! You pinched your pennies so hard, you could have bruised Lincoln

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