• In this video, Master electrician for Ask This Old House Scott Caron helps a homeowner install heat cables on his roof to stop ice dams.

    1. Secure shingle clips to roof shingles using a flathead screwdriver, making sure to align them in a zigzag pattern.
    2. Clip in the cable along the same zigzag pattern as the shingle clips.
    3. Clip the end of the cable in a loop and feed it through the downspout.
    4. Mount the heat sensor to the side of the house using screws and a power drill.
    5. Clip in the moisture lead along the edge of the roof.
    6. Plug it in to an outdoor electrical outlet.
    7. Or (if necessary) attach an outdoor electrical box to the side of your house using a power drill.
    8. Drill a hole into the sill and feed electrical wire into basement.
    9. Attach wire to its own circuit on the circuit board.
    • Difficulty: Hard
      If you need to rewire to a new circuit
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