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      Tools List

      • 16-foot tape measure
        tape measure
      • pencil
      • circular saw
        circular saw
      • miter saw
        miter saw
      • trim router
        trim router
      • chamfering router bit
        45-degree chamfering router bit
      • drill
      • hand clamps
      • roundover router bit
        ¾-inch roundover router bit
      • hole saw
        3-inch hole saw
      • combination square
        combination square

      Shopping List

      1x12 PVC Get two 8-footers.

      bed molding

      1x2 PVC Get one 8-footer.

      1x4 PVC Get two 8-footers.

      PVC drip cap

      PVC scotia molding

      Azek column wrap kit

      PVC cement Get both all-purpose and Azek's slow-setting formulas.

      1¼-inch deck screws

      painter's tape

      light fixture

      wire nuts