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      Tools List

      • drill
      • circular saw
        Circular saw
      • caulk gun
        Caulk gun
      • combination square
        Combination square
      • miterbox with saw
        Miter box
      • back saw for a miter box
        Back saw
      • 2-and-a-half-inch paintbrush
        2½-inch paintbrush

      Shopping List

      Mirror (ours is 17¾ by 35 inches)


      ½-inch plywood Get a half sheet.

      Construction panel adhesive

      1x3 pine for panel frames Get one 8-footer

      1 1/16-by-1-inch base-cap molding Get one 8-footer

      1¼-inch drywall screws

      Wood filler

      220-grit sandpaper


      Latex paint