• In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva reveals various means and methods of making your own authentic reproduction moldings.

    1. If there's a router bit that matches the profile of the original molding, you can use a portable router or router table to mill the exact-match profile into boards.
    2. Replace a table-saw blade with a molding cutter head.
    3. Select the cutters that most closely match the profile of the original molding and mount them to the cutter head.
    4. Adjust the table-saw fence and height of the cutter head, then make a cut into a scrap piece of wood. Once satisfied with the cut, mill boards into moldings.
    5. To replicate a very ornate or unusual profile, start by making a crosscutting through the molding.
    6. Slip a piece of paper into the saw kerf and trace the shape of the molding's profile onto the paper.
    7. Fax or mail the piece of paper to a machine shop and it'll make a pair of custom knives to match your molding.
    8. Mount the knives into a molding machine to mill as much molding as you need.
    • Difficulty: None
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