• In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O'Connor discuss tips and tricks for keeping cords untangled.

    1. Avoid using cord reels that wind up the extension cord too tightly. That puts stress on the cord and prevents the cord from laying flat on the ground.
    2. Don't secure extension cords with tape, which can leave behind sticky residue.
    3. Plugging one end of the cord into the other can damage the wires inside the cord.
    4. Wind extension cords by hand, using the over-and-under technique. Secure the coiled cord with a length of string.
    5. Use a drill and 2-inch-diameter hole saw to bore a hole in the side of a 5-gallon bucket.
    6. Pull the male end of the cord through the hole and coil up and store the rest of the cord in the bucket.
    7. When you're ready to use the extension cord, set the bucket down near an electrical outlet. Plug in the male end, and pull the cord from the bucket.

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