• In this Video, Follow along as This Old House contributor Christopher Beidel, owner of Pernt, a handmade-furniture store in Brooklyn, New York, walks you through the step-by-step of building this aqua-gardener's starter project.

    1. Cut the Parts to Make the Base
    2. Attach the Floorboards to the Stringers
    3. Bevel the Pieces to Make the Skirt
    4. Mark the arches
    5. Attach the Skirtboards
    6. Cut the Frames to Make the Sides
    7. Apply the Frames
    8. Attach the Panels to Assemble the Box
    9. Reinforce the Corners
    10. Protect the Liner
    11. Lay Out the Liner
    12. Cut to Fit
    13. Install the Interior Battens to Secure the Liner
    14. Cut the Caps
    15. Attach the Cap Pieces
    16. Stain the Pond
    17. Plant the Waterlilies

    Download and print the lily pond cut list.

    ½x6 pressure-treated stringers: two @ 34 inches
    ½x6 pressure-treated floorboards: six @ 33 inches
    ½x4 pressure-treated skirt boards: four beveled @ 37 inches, long point to long point
    ½x4 pressure-treated cap pieces: four mitered @ 37½ inches, long point to long point
    ½-inch pressure-treated plywood panels: four @ 18½ x 34 inches
    1x4 pressure-treated panel frame rails: eight @ 29 inches
    1x4 pressure treated panel frame stiles (four ripped to 2¾ inches): eight @ 18½ inches
    1x4 pressure-treated interior battens: two @ 30½ inches
    1x4 pressure-treated interior battens: two @ 29½ inches
    • Difficulty: Easy
      Working with the pond liner is the only slightly tricky part.
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      Tools List

      • miter saw
        miter saw
      • bar clamps
        bar clamps
      • drill
      • hammer
      • steel-rule straightedge
      • combination square
        combination square
      • Countersink bit
        countersink bit
      • jigsaw
      • circular saw
        circular saw
      • caulk gun
        caulk gun
      • staple gun
        staple gun
      • handsaw
      • utility knife
        utility knife

      Shopping List

      ½x6 treated deck boards Get four 6-footers for the floorboards and stringers.

      ½x4 treated boards Get four 8-footers for the skirt and cap.

      1x4 treated boards Get seven 6-footers for the panel frames and interior battens.

      ½-inch treated plywood Get one 4-by-8-foot sheet for the side panels.

      1¼-, 1½-, and 2-inch deck screws

      3-inch stainless- or galvanized-steel corner brackets Get eight.

      construction adhesive

      landscape fabric

      pond liner

      submersible pond pump

      exterior-grade wood stain

      plant pots