• In this video, chimney expert Mark Schaub renovates an old, unsafe chimney with an easy-to-install stainless steel liner.

    1. Apply heat-resistant masonry adhesive to top edge of fireplace flue.
    2. Set stainless-steel cap into wet adhesive at top of fireplace flue.
    3. If water-heater flue is the same height as the fireplace flue, extend it with a 12 to 16-inch-tall section of clay flue tile. Adhere the flue extension with heat-resistant masonry adhesive.
    4. Drop a weighted rope down the water-heater flue to an assistant in the basement.
    5. From the roof, tie the rope end to the stainless steel chimney liner. Feed liner down the flue.
    6. Have assistant pull rope, and chimney liner, down the flue and into the basement.
    7. Seal the chimney-liner flashing to the flue extension with silicone sealant.
    8. In the basement, trim the end of the chimney liner and connect it to the rigid-metal vent pipe coming from the water heater.
    • 4 to 6 hours
    • About $1,200 installed on average
    • Difficulty: Hard
      Professional installation required
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