• In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to snake wires through walls for a pair of outdoor speakers.

    1. Inspect the house wall, inside and out, to determine where to drill speaker-wire hole without hitting a header, stud or other structural framing member.
    2. Drill 1-inch-diameter speaker-wire hole through exterior of wall.
    3. Feed snake into hole and push it down through the inside of the wall.
    4. From inside the house, drill a ¾-inch-diameter hole at base of wall directly below the exterior hole.
    5. Insert short length of snake into interior hole and hook snake inside of wall. (Could also use a length of wire hanger with hook on end.) Pull long snake into room.
    6. Attach two speaker wires to snake and secure with electrical tape.
    7. From outside, pull the snake and speaker wires up the wall and out the exterior hole.
    8. Extend one wire to each speaker location.
    9. Install peel-and-stick plastic electrical conduit to the wall to protect the speaker wire. Run one conduit for each speaker wire.
    10. Remove the wood baseboard and rout a -inch-deep x ½-inch-wide groove along the back of the baseboard.
    11. Lay the speaker wires into the groove and secure with duct tape.
    12. Nail baseboard back to wall, making sure not to nail through the wires.
    13. Connect speaker wires to the stereo system inside the house, and to the speakers mounted outdoors.
    • Difficulty: Moderate
      Snaking wires can become frustrating if wall cavity is full of obstructions

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      Tools List

      • ladder
      • drill
      • 1-inch spade bit
        1-inch-diameter spade bit, used to bore hole through exterior wall
      • 3/8-inch spade bit
        ¾-inch-diameter spade bit or hole saw, used to bore hole through interior wall
      • fish tape
        Electrical snake (a.k.a.: fish tape)
      • electrical snake
        Short length of electrical snake
      • slip-joint pliers
        Pliers (optional)
      • router
        Router with ½-inch-diameter straight bit
      • cat's paw pry bar
        Thin pry bar
      • finish hammer
      • wire strippers
        Wire strippers

      Shopping List

      Exterior-rated speakers

      Speaker wire

      Electrical tape

      Peel-and-stick plastic electrical conduit

      Duct tape

      2-inch (6d) finishing nails