• In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook transforms an old, ugly city slab into an urban oasis.

    1. Clear the patio of all furniture, accessories and plantings.
    2. Pull out all weeds and grass, then sweep the patio clean.
    3. Snap a straight chalk line across the patio.
    4. Lay the first wooden deck tile right on the chalk line and against the perimeter wall.
    5. Rotate the next deck tile perpendicular to the first one and snap the two tiles together.
    6. Continue installing deck tiles, perpendicular to each other to create a basket-weave pattern.
    7. When it's necessary to cut a deck tile to fit, use a utility knife to slice through the plastic base on the underside of the tile. Snap the cut tile into place on the patio.
    8. To trim a deck tile that runs perpendicular to the basket-weave pattern, cut the tile using a circular saw.
    9. Continue to slice and saw deck tiles to fit around the perimeter of the patio.
    10. Install reducer molding along edge of deck.
    11. Position potted bamboo plants along outer edge of patio to provide a modicum of privacy.
    12. Screw window boxes to the exterior perimeter wall to hold flowering plants.
    13. Rearrange the furniture back onto the patio.
    • Difficulty: Moderate
      Working on your knees is tiring, but the installation goes quickly
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      Tools List

      • chalk line
        Chalk reel
      • utility knife
        Utility knife
      • circular saw
        Circular saw
      • drill
      • push broom
      • wheelbarrow
        Trashcan or wheelbarrow

      Shopping List

      Wooden deck tiles

      Reducer molding

      Assorted container plants

      Window boxes

      Potting soil