• In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a professional approach to eliminating dangerous fungus outbreaks.

    1. Cover attic floor with sheets of polyethylene.
    2. Set up a negative air machine to filter the air while cleaning the moldy surfaces.
    3. Use dry-ice pellet gun to blast the mold from the rafters and underside of the plywood roof sheathing.
    4. Vacuum the mold dust from the polyethylene sheeting using a vacuum equipped with HEPA filter. Then, carefully remove and discard the sheeting.
    5. Spray or brush a mold-inhibiting coating to all rafters and plywood sheathing.
    • Difficulty: Hard
      requires professional skills and equipment
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      Tools List

      • dry-ice blaster
        Dry-ice blaster, used to remove mold from wood surfaces
      • negative air machine
        Negative air machine, for filtering mold dust from air
      • HEPA vacuum for hazardous waste
        Wet/dry vacuum with HEPA filter, used to collect mold dust

      Shopping List

      Polyethylene sheeting, for covering the attic floor

      Dry-ice pellets, used in dry-ice blaster

      Mold-inhibiting coating, protects cleaned wood surfaces