• In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey plumbs a new basement sink.

    1. Cut into the existing drain line using a PVC handsaw.
    2. Deburr the cut ends of the pipe with a pocketknife.
    3. Attach a double-Y fitting to the existing drain line with PVC primer and cement.
    4. Extend the PVC drain line to the washing machine standpipe and to the utility sink location.
    5. Close the shut-off valves on the hot- and cold-water supply lines running to the washing machine.
    6. Disconnect the washing machine hoses, then open the valves to drain water from the water-supply lines into a bucket.
    7. Use a tubing cutter to cut into the hot- and cold-water supply lines.
    8. Unscrew the washing-machine valve from the end of the water-supply lines.
    9. Use a propane torch to unsolder the elbows from the water-supply lines.
    10. Solder two T-fittings onto the ends of the water-supply lines, then extend the hot- and cold-water lines down to the utility sink location.
    11. Disassemble a new washing-machine valve, then solder it onto two lengths of copper tubing.
    12. Solder the new washing-machine valve to the water-supply lines. And solder new shut-off valves to the ends of the hot- and cold-water lines that will connect to the utility sink.
    13. Install the faucet and water-supply lines to the utility sink.
    14. Attach a PVC trap and drainpipe to the sink drain.
    15. Set the utility sink into position and connect the water-supply lines. Tighten the threaded connections with pliers.
    16. Use PVC primer and cement to join sink drain to the drainpipe.
    17. Tighten the two washing machine hoses onto the washing-machine valve.
    18. Turn on the hot- and cold-water lines and open the washing-machine valve.
    19. Open the sink faucet and check your work for leaks.
    • Difficulty: Moderate
      Requires working with both copper and plastic pipe

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      Tools List

      • pvc saw
        PVC handsaw
      • pocket knife
        Pocket knife
      • tubing cutter
        Tubing cutter
      • propane torch
        Propane torch
      • tongue-and-groove pliers
      • multi-bit screwdriver
      • small plastic bucket

      Shopping List

      Utility sink


      PVC pipe and assorted fittings

      PVC primer

      PVC cement

      Lead-free solder


      Emery cloth

      Washing-machine valve