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      Tools List

      • miter saw
        miter saw
      • bar clamps
        bar clamps
      • drill
      • 1/8-inch drill bit
        -by-3-inch drill bit
      • combination square
        combination square
      • hole saw
        kit-supplied hole saws

      Shopping List

      1x6. Get 10 treated 8-footers for the slats, lid, and floor.

      5/4x4. Get three treated 8-footers for the interior battens.

      1x4. Get one treated 8-footer for the decorative batten.

      1x3. Get two treated 8-footers for the decorative battens.

      4x4. Get one treated 6-footer.

      1¼-, 1½-, 2-inch deck screws

      Door-pull handle

      Square plastic trash bin

      Downspout diverter kit

      ½-inch stainless-steel pan-head screws to secure the landscape fabric.

      landscape fabric or window screening