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      Tools List

        A tall and slender cabinet for provides a handy and attractive place to store barware and display spirits.

        Download the cut list.

        1. Make the hutch parts
        2. Size the pieces for the glass rack
        3. Assemble the racks
        4. Attach the racks
        5. Install the cleats to assemble the hutch
        6. Build the box for the hutch
        7. Bevel the parts for the wine rack
        8. Lay out the notches for the wine rack
        9. Cut the notches for the wine rack
        10. Assemble the pieces
        11. Secure the rack and shelves
        12. Attach the rails and stiles
        13. Install the baseboard molding
        14. Install the backing strips for the crown molding
        15. Miter-cut the crown molding
        16. Attach the crown molding

      Shopping List

      1x15 edge-glued panels. Get four 6-footers for the sides and shelves, one 3-footer for the top.

      ¼-inch lauan for the back. Get one 4-by-8-foot sheet.

      1x3 for cleats. Get 3 feet.

      -inch square dowels for the glass rack. Get two 3-footers.

      x3 lattice for the glass rack. Get two 3-footers.

      3¼-inch baseboard molding. Get one 6-footer.

      9/16x3-inch crown molding. Get one 6-footer.

      2x4 for crown backing. Get 3 feet.

      1x2. Get two clear-pine, 6-footers.

      1x5. Get one clear-pine, 8-footer.

      1½-inch and -inch 18-gauge brad nails

      1¼-inch drywall screws.

      wood glue.

      120-grit sandpaper