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      Tools List

      • 30-foot tape measure
        measuring tape
      • hand clamps
      • straightedge guide
      • Painter's Tape
        painter's tape
      • circular saw
        circular saw
      • random orbit sander
        random-orbit sander with 100-, 120-, and 180-grit discs
      • drill
      • Lag-screw driver bit
        driver bit
      • belt
      • Rafter Square
        rafter square
      • 1/8-inch bit with combination countersink
        -inch bit with countersink
      • combination square
        combination square

      Shopping List

      Butcher-block countertop.
      Get one 25-by-96-inch piece IKEA.
      (Note: The size of the gas pipe has been corrected from the print edition.)

      ½-inch iron threaded pipe.
      Get one 36-incher, six 18-inchers, two 12-inchers, four 6-inchers, six 5-inchers, two 4½-inchers, and six 2-inchers.

      ½-inch iron threaded pipe elbows. Get two.

      ½-inch iron threaded pipe flanges. Get eight.

      ½-inch iron threaded pipe tees. Get 14.

      1x10 oak board. Get one 8-footer.

      Wood glue

      1-inch No. 10 flat-head wood screws for securing the flanges and shelf boards casters. Get four.

      1-inch No. 10 pan-head wood screws for securing the casters


      Mineral oil