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      Tools List

      • miter saw
        Miter saw
      • bar clamp
        Bar clamps
      • drill
      • Countersink bit
        1/16-inch countersink bit
      • brad nailer
        Brad nailer
      • sliding T-bevel
        Bevel gauge
      • straight edge
      • circular saw
        Circular saw
      • router
        Router with ¾-inch straight-cut bit
      • Doweling Jig
        -inch doweling jig from
      • Drill bit
        -inch twist bit
      • Phillips screwdriver
        Phillips screwdriver
      • Rafter Square
        Rafter square
      • two-foot level

      Shopping List

      1x4 cedar Get three 10-footers for the slats.

      1x8 cedar Get two 10-footers for the box pieces and the gable ends.

      1x10 cedar Get one 8-footer for the roof and top pieces.

      5/4x4 cedar Get one 10-footer for the door frame.

      -by-2-inch spiral-cut wood dowels

      1½-inch brad nails

      1¼-inch deck screws

      3-inch deck screws

      -inch brass screws for the door slats

      brass or stainless-steel hinges, latch, shutter pulls, Quick Links, and chain exterior-grade wood glue