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      Tools List

      • 30-foot tape measure
        tape measure
      • finish nails, various lengths
        nails to stake the chalk line in asphalt
      • chalk line
        chalk line
      • safety glasses
        safety glasses
      • ear muffs
        hearing protection
      • concrete saw
        14-inch gas-powered concrete saw with segmented diamond blade
      • garden hose
        garden hose
      • hammer drill
        hammer drill with chisel bit to break up the driveway surface
      • cutter mattock
        pick mattock to remove broken-up chunks
      • gloves
        work gloves for handling asphalt and cobbles
      • garden stakes
      • mason's line
        mason's line
      • iron rake
        bow rake
      • plate compactor
        plate compactor to tamp base and pavers
      • side-cutting pliers
        side-cutting pliers
      • chalk
        chalk stick
      • mason's chisel with hand guard
        mason's chisel with hand guard
      • sledge hammer
        hand sledge
      • brick hammer
        brick hammer
      • tamper
        hand tamper to fix uneven spots during installation
      • duct tape
        duct tape
      • concrete mixer
        cement mixer
      • Squeegee
        double-foam squeegee to spread grout into joints
      • push broom
        push broom to remove excess grout

      Shopping List

      Cobblestone mats with cast-in grid.
      Have your supplier help determine the amount you need.

      Permeable epoxy grout

      Leveling sand.
      A ½-cubic-foot bag covers 6 square feet at 1 inch deep.