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      Tools List

      • bar clamp
        Long bar clamps
      • straightedge guide
      • circular saw
        Circular saw
      • impact driver
        Drill/driver or impact driver
      • paintbrushes
      • miter saw
        Miter saw
      • brad nailer
        Brad nailer or nail gun
      • japanese pull saw
        Jigsaw or Japanese handsaw
      • paintroller
        Paint roller and tray
      • caulk gun
        caulk gun

      Shopping List

      ¾-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
      Get five 4-by-8-foot sheets.

      -inch MDF beadboard panels
      Get two 4-by-8-foot sheets.

      1x2 primed MDF trim
      Get eleven

      8-foot lengths for the stiles, rails, and cap.

      Get three 8-footers.

      Victorian-era door-casing kit (includes rosettes)½x 3 lattice strip shoe molding
      Get 20 feet.

      1¼-, 1½-, and 2-inch MDF screws

      2½-inch deck screws

      1½-inch 18-gauge brads

      Construction adhesive

      Wood glue

      ¾-inch quarter-round

      150-grit sandpaper

      Primer and paint