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      Tools List

      • utility knife
        utility knife
      • flat prybar
        pry bar
      • circular saw
        circular saw to cut the trim board
      • metal cutting snips
        tin snips to cut the steel lath
      • powder actuated nailer
        powder-actuated nailer and nails (Masonry nails may suffice on newer, softer concrete)
      • hammer
      • masonry hoe
        plastic bin and hoe for mixing mortar
      • garden hose
        hose to rinse the mixing bin between batches
      • notched trowel
        finishing trowel with a 3/8-inch notch
      • angle grinder
        grinder fitted with a diamond masonry blade
      • mason's chisel and maul
        mason's chisel and maul
      • brick hammer
        brick hammer
      • Natural-bristle chip brush
        chip brush to apply acrylic bonding agent
      • mason's trowel
        brick trowel
      • grout bag
        grout bag
      • masonry striking tool
        striking tool
      • four-foot level
        4-foot level
      • mallet
        rubber mallet

      Shopping List

      work gloves for handling steel lath and stones

      2½-gauge steel lath

      stone veneer mortar

      acrylic bonding agent

      self-adhesive flashing

      canvas drop cloth and painter's tape
      for creating the layout stone veneer Get about 20 percent more than you need for the risers and sides of the steps.

      bluestone treads Add 1½ inches to the finished width of the steps (including lath, mortar, and side veneer stones) for the overhang at each end. Have your supplier "torch" the ends and front edge of each tread for a more finished look.

      bluestone pavers Measure the landing and have your supplier help size the stones to include the correct overhangs, grout lines, and a gap against the house.