• In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to pick the prettiest and hardiest roses for your garden.

    1. Hybrid T roses have long stems with single blooms.
    Very pretty, but must be sprayed with a fungicide throughout the early spring.
    2 Floribunda roses are shorter than Hybrid T, but are much hardier and produce many buds for bursts of color.
    3 Landscape shrub roses are disease-resistant and the hardiest of all roses.
    4 For specific information, read the grower's tags attached to each plant.
    There, you'll find details regarding the plant's height, foliage, color, fragrance, and petal-count.
    5 Low-petal-count roses produce open, delicate flowers.
    High-petal-count roses produce flowers that are fuller, thicker, and more fragrant.
    6 For planting along a fence or trellis, buy climber roses.
    Note, however, that climber roses don't have tendrils and so they must be tied to the structure.
    • 1 to 2 hours, spent at flower nurseries and garden shops
    • $20 and up, depending on the size and variety of rose
    • Difficulty: Easy
      just be sure to bring along a digital camera and notebook to record information about specific rose plants
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