• In this video, This Old House Kevin O’Connor learns important maintenance tips from stone countertop contractor Jason Keefe.

    1. Use a white cotton cloth to rub silicone impregnator into stone surface.
    Treat limestone and marble four times annually and granite twice per year; engineered stone doesn't require sealing.
    2. Wipe up spills and drips immediately to prevent staining.
    3. If stains do occur, remove them with limestone poultice.
    Spread thick layer of poultice over stain using a plastic putty knife.
    Wait 48 to 72 hours for the poultice to absorb the stain, then wipe the area clean.
    4. For everyday cleaning, wash stone counters with mild soap and water; don't use citrus-based cleaners or scouring powders.
    • About one hour to seal stone counters in average-size kitchen
    • $20 to $50, depending on silicone impregnator used
    • Difficulty: Easy
      requires no particular skill, just a little elbow grease
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      Tools List

      • plastic putty knife
        Plastic putty knife, for applying limestone poultice

      Shopping List

      1. Liquid silicone impregnator, used to seal stone countertop surfaces

      2. White cotton cloth, used to apply silicone impregnator

      3. Limestone poultice, for absorbing stains from stone counters