• In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva replaces an old, rotted garage-door post.

    1. Temporarily brace up the garage roof with 2x6s.
    2. Remove the trim from around garage-door post.
    3. Use reciprocating saw to cut through nails securing old post to the side jambs.
    4. Remove the old, rotted post.
    5. Mix concrete, then fill hole at base of post with concrete.
    6. Use a trowel to eliminate air bubbles from concrete and to smooth the surface.
    7. Insert a galvanized carriage bolt and post base into the wet concrete.
    8. Set the steel base cap onto the carriage bolt. Allow the concrete to cure.
    9. Cut away the rotted lower portion of the side jamb with a circular saw.
    10. Stand new pressure-treated 4x6 post on top of post base, and tap post into position with hammer.
    11. Secure new post to header with 3-inch decking screws.
    12. Screw header trim to post, and then screw the jamb to the post.
    13. Notch the existing jamb with a reciprocating saw, and hammer and chisel, then install a filler piece of pressure-treated 2x4.
    14. Nail post base to bottom of post; remove temporary bracing.
    15. Install trim around the new post; use new trim or the old trim removed earlier.
    • Difficulty: Moderate
      requires mid-level carpentry skills
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      Tools List

      • pocket knife
        Pocket knife, used to test for rotted wood
      • hammer
      • circular saw
        Circular saw, for sawing wood to size
      • reciprocating saw
        Reciprocating saw, for cutting wood and nails
      • flat prybar
        Flat bar, used to pry off trim
      • flat blade shovel
        Shovel and mortar tub or wheelbarrow, used to mix concrete
      • mason's trowel
        Trowel, used to spread concrete
      • drill
        Drill/driver, for driving screws
      • chisel
        Chisel, used to notch jamb
      • step ladder

      Shopping List

      1. 2x6s, used to make temporary brace

      2. Concrete mix, used to form foundation for new post

      3. Pressure-treated 4x6 post, for replacing rotted post

      4. Pressure-treated 2x4s, used to patch rotted post 5. Galvanized carriage bolt and post base, for securing new post to foundation

      6. 3-inch decking screws, used to fasten post to header

      7. Assorted sizes of galvanized nails, for attaching trim boards