• In this video, learn how to craft a cozy seating spot for your yard.

    1. Make pilot holes for the post anchors.
    2. Set the post anchors.
    3. Level and square the post anchors
    4. Dry-fit the pieces.
    5. Assemble the legs.
    6. Install the legs.
    7. Cut and assemble the seat base.
    8. Attach the base and lower crosspieces.
    9. Cut the pieces and install the side supports.
    10. Secure the center support.
    11. Cut the seat boards.
    12. Attach the seat boards.
    13. Attach the backrest boards and cap the top.
    14. Install the remaining crosspieces, and cut and attach the vertical strips.
    15. Cut and install horizontal strips.
    16. Cut the pieces and draw the tail profile.
    17. Cut the rafter tails.
    18. Install the rafters.
    19. Install the purlins.
    • Difficulty: Moderate
      You'll need to keep the structure square and level as it's built, so prepare for some tinkering.
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      Tools List

      • sledge hammer
      • miter saw
        miter saw
      • jigsaw
      • drill
        drill/driver and 1-inch paddle bit
      • caulk gun
        caulk gun
      • four-foot level
        4-foot level
      • hand clamps
      • combination square
        combination square
      • flexible curves
        flexible curve to draw profile for rafter tails

      Shopping List

      All lumber listed is western red cedar.

      2x4s Get twelve 8-foot boards.

      1x4s Get at least four 8-foot boards.

      1x2s Get at least nine 8-foot boards.2x6s Get three 8-foot boards.

      2x2s Get two 8-foot boards or five 4-foot spindles for the purlins.

      ¼-inch spacers cut from scrap.

      Post anchors Get four.

      Construction adhesive

      Stainless-steel trim-head screws You need three sizes: 1¼ inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch.