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      Tools List

      • drill
        Drill/driver, for drilling holes and driving screw
      • speed square
        Layout square, used as a drilling guide
      • Drill bit
        Standard-length twist-drill bit, used to start screw-shank clearance hole
      • spade bit
        Spade bit, for drilling counterbore hole
      • extra long drill bit
        Extra-long bits, used to bore screw-shank-clearance and screw-pilot holes
      • putty knife
        Putty knife, used to apply wood putty

      Shopping List

      1. Brace, made from scrap wood to press post tightly against stair tread

      2. Extra-long, flat-head screw, used to fasten newel post to stair tread3. Wood putty, used to conceal screw head

      4. 150-grit sandpaper, for smoothing the wood putty

      5. Primer and paint, used to finish area around the puttied screw head