• In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook heads for fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, where he helps a pair of homeowners select and plant a privacy screen using bamboo plants.

    1. Space bamboo plants 5 to 6 feet apart in a staggered row to create a more natural look.
    2. For each plant, dig a hole two to three times wider than the plant container, and as deep as the height of the container.
    3. Use a garden hose to flood each plant hole with water, then wet the soil around the holes.
    4. To the soil removed from the each hole, add two wheelbarrows of planter's mix (compost and organic fertilizer). Use a shovel to thoroughly combine the mix with the soil.
    5. Moisten the mixed soil with water before backfilling.
    6. Pull each plant from its container and place it in the hole.
    7. Back fill around each root ball with moistened, mixed soil.
    8. Soak the area around each plant with water.
    9. Punch a hole into the existing irrigation line and insert a 2-gallon-per-hour emitter.
    10. Cut a length of irrigation tubing to reach from the main irrigation line to the center of the plant.
    11. Attach one end of the tube to the emitter and lay the other end near the plant.
    12. Repeat to add three more irrigation lines, spacing them evenly around the plant.
    13. Cover the root ball and irrigation tubing with 2 inches of cedar bark mulch.
    • About one hour per plant
    • About $80 and up for 6- to 8-foot-tall timber bamboo plant
    • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
      depending upon the number of plants and hardness of the soil
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      Tools List

      • pointed shovel
        Shovel, used to dig plant holes and mix soil
      • wheelbarrow
        Wheelbarrow, for transporting planter's mix
      • garden hose
        Garden hose, used to water the plants
      • Aviation Snips
        Snips, used to cut irrigation tubing to length
      • hole-punch tool
        Hole-punch tool, for tapping into irrigation line

      Shopping List

      1. Timber bamboo plant in 15-gallon container (about 8 foot tall)

      2. Planter's mix (compost and organic fertilizer), used to amend backfill

      3. Cedar bark mulch, for covering root ball of plants4. Irrigation tubing, for delivering water to plants

      5. 2-gallon-per-hour water emitters, used to connect irrigation tubing to main irrigation line