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      Tools List

      • four-foot level
        4-foot level
      • Pencil
      • utility knife
        Breakaway utility knife with extra blades
      • 12-inch stainless steel ruler
        Metal ruler or straightedge
      • wallpaper smoother
        Smoothing tool for liner
      • j-roller
        Smoothing roller for panels
      • Natural-bristle chip brush
        4-inch chip brush for adhesives
      • synthetic brush
        2½-inch angled paintbrush
      • paintroller
        Roller frame with ½-inch-nap covers
      • grout sponge
      • hardboard
        Piece of hardboard that's at least 1 inch taller than base molding
      • caulk gun
        Caulk gun
      • eye goggles
        Safety goggles
      • miter saw
        Miter saw for chair rail
      • pneumatic brad nailer
        Pneumatic brad nailer gun for chair rail

      Shopping List

      Lincrusta Available through Lee Jofa, 800-453-3563

      Kraft paper

      Painter's tape

      Lint-free cloths

      Heavy-duty wallpaper liner

      Premixed vinyl wallpaper adhesive

      Clay-based adhesive for panels

      Odorless mineral spiritsLatex gloves

      Vinyl or acrylic adhesive caulk

      Universal acrylic primer-sealer

      Latex paint. Get an eggshell base color and a matte highlight color.

      2-inch brad nails for chair rail

      Wood filler for chair rail

      Fine-grit sandpaper for chair rail