• Learn how to pump up the water pressure in your home with This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey.


    1. Turn off the main water valve at the meter.
    2. Use emery cloth to clean the water-supply pipe coming into the house.
    3. Cut into the water-supply pipe using a tubing cutter.
    4. Set the pressure-booster system in place and cut and assemble copper pipe and fittings to run from the booster to the existing water-supply pipe.
    5. Disassemble the copper pipes and fittings, then clean each part with emery cloth.
    6. Apply flux to each connection, and solder the parts together.
    7. Call in a licensed electrician to connect the booster's pump to the electrical panel. Note that the armored cable must connect to a dedicated circuit breaker.
    8. Open the water valve and wait for the pump to kick on.
    9. Once the pump shuts off, read the pressure gauges to see the improved water pressure.

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    • 3 to 4 hours
    • $1,200 for the pressure booster, and $500 to $700 for the installation
    • Difficulty: Hard
      Only those experienced with plumbing work, including soldering, should attempt this installation

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      Tools List

      • adjustable pliers
      • tubing cutter
        Tubing cutter
      • propane torch
        Propane torch

      Shopping List

      1. Pressure-booster system, used to raise the pressure of incoming water

      2. Copper pipe and assorted fittings, for connecting new pressure-booster system to existing water-supply line

      3. Emery cloth and flux, for cleaning and prepping copper pipe and fittings prior to soldering 4. Solder, for connecting copper fittings

      5. Two pressure gauges, for reading the incoming and outgoing water pressure after the installation of the pressure booster

      6. Check valve, used to prevent water from draining away from the pressure booster