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      Tools List

      • Phillips screwdriver
        Screwdriver, used to unscrew shower valve handle and covers
      • drill
        Drill/driver, used to drill holes and drive screws
      • Drill bit
        Extra-long ¼-inch-diameter drill bit, used to bore holes through wall
      • drywall saw
        Drywall saw, for cutting access hole in wall behind shower valve
      • caulk gun
        Caulk gun, used to seal cover plate to wall
      • jigsaw
        Jigsaw, used to trim 1x4 blocking to size

      Shopping List

      Access panel, used to conceal hole cut in wall behind shower valve

      Length of 1x4, used as blocking

      Copper clips, used to secure the water pipes to the 1x4 blocking

      Silicone caulk, for sealing cover plate to wall

      Plumber's putty, for sealing shower valve cover

      1 5/8-inch decking screws, used to secure the 1x4 blocking