• Steps:
    1 Use a pointed shovel to dig around the rock to expose its size and shape.
    2 Drill a series of ½-inch-diameter holes into the rock with an electric rotary hammer.
    3 Blow dust from the holes with a bulb-type syringe.
    4 Into each hole, drop two feathers and one wedge; be sure the wedges are inserted between the feathers, and that the feathers face out toward the edge of the rock.
    5 Lightly tap each wedge with a hammer to tighten it into the hole.
    6 Next, use a 3-pound sledgehammer to alternately pound the wedges into the holes; keep hitting the wedges a little at a time until the rock cracks.
    7 Pry apart the split rock with a long-handled pry bar.
    8 For very large boulders, rent a diesel-powered air compressor and rotary rock hammer.
    9 Drill a series of large holes into the rock, then insert the extra-large feathers and wedges.
    10 Tap the wedges with a hammer to set them into the holes.
    11 Use the pneumatic jackhammer to drive in the wedges and split the rock.
    12 Pry off the broken rock pieces with a pry bar.
    13 Continue drilling holes and spitting off pieces until the rock is gone.
    • 2 to 6 hours, based on size and location of boulder
    • $100 to $800, depending on how much rock-busting equipment you must rent
    • Difficulty: Easy
      It doesn't require any real skill, but you'll certainly work up a sweat.
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      Tools List

      • pointed shovel
        Pointed shovel, used to dig around rock
      • electric rotary hammer
        Electric rotary hammer and 1/2-inch-diameter masonry bit, used to drive screws and drill screw holes
      • bulb-type syringe
        Bulb-type syringe, for blowing dust out of holes
      • feathers and wedges for stonework
        Feathers and wedges, used to split the rock
      • sledge hammer
        3-pound sledgehammer, for pounding in the wedges
      • flat prybar
        Long-handled pry bar, used to break off split pieces of rock
      • air compressor
        Diesel-powered air compressor and rotary rock hammer, for drilling and splitting large rocks

      Shopping List

      1. A big rock that's in the way