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      Tools List

      • 30-foot tape measure
        Tape measure
      • combination square
        Combination square or framing square
      • pencil compass
      • safety glasses
        Safety glasses
      • bar clamps
        Bar clamps
      • jigsaw
      • random orbit sander
        Random-orbit sander or sanding block with 120-grit sandpaper
      • hammer
      • drill
        Drill/driver fitted with ¼-inch bit and ½-inch spade bit
      • scissors
      • wire cable snips
        Wire cutters
      • Phillips screwdriver

      Shopping List

      1. 2 feet of 1x6 cedar

      2. 2 feet of ¼-inch dowel

      3. 120-grit sandpaper

      4. Wood glue

      5. 4d finish nails

      6. -inch rubber grommet

      7. Epoxy8. Copper-topped post cap for a 4x4

      9. 1-liter soda bottle

      10. Three feet of 5⁄32-inch vinyl-covered wire

      11. -inch blued tacks

      12. Eye screw