• • Newest garbage disposals feature super-quiet, ultra-powerful motors.

    •Units are made from combination of carbon steel and stainless steel.

    • All parts are made in Racine, Wisconsin, plant, which manufactures more than 6 million garbage disposals annually.

    • Each rotor is shrink-fitted onto the drive shaft for efficient transfer of power.

    • Dampening devices and thick foam insulation are employed to cut vibration and reduce noise levels by 60 percent over other disposals.

    • Motor fits into an insulated housing, which helps muffle grinding noise.

    • Latest disposals are equipped with newly designed shredder plates and shredder rings that produce super-fine grindings, which greatly reduce plumbing clogs.

    • Random disposals are regularly taken off the assembly line and tested; each unit must successfully grind up a variety of fruit and vegetable scraps, 35 pounds of frozen beef bones and six pounds of wooden blocks.

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